Check your eggs


A lot has to happen to get eggs from a chicken sitting on them to your kitchen. Nothing too crazy just shipping, handling and standard bumps and bruises along the way. Whoever designed those egg cartons was a genius. I don’t think I have ever seen an egg carton look beat up in the store. That being said, I have never seen someone buy eggs without looking inside the carton.

The Carton looks great, no leaky goo running down the side, but we STILL stare down each egg, looking for even the SLIGHTEST crack.

Neatly stacked egg cartons in a grocery store. Looks good on the outside, but how are they on the inside?

When it comes to our body, the same is true. The outside can look great, but standard shipping and handling can cause subtle cracks in OUR armor. When in the spine, Chiropractors call these Subluxations. In a few minutes, a Chiropractor can open up the box, find them, and remove them. When it is this easy, why wait until you have goo running down your face to start caring for yourself. You are far more valuable than a dozen eggs.

Cracked eggs are easy to spot if you are looking for them.

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