Is Chiropractic too simple?

A few weeks ago I was watching a favorite movie of mine ‘Apollo 13’. It is an account based on the 1970 mission to space in which a terrible event occurred on the space craft and the astronauts fought to rescue themselves and return safely to Earth.  I have seen the movie several times and most of the time I have sat with my mind conjuring images of how fun it would be to be a space pilot, and how effortlessly the pilots do their job even in the face of immanent death. Deep down I know it is really hard work but they make it seem so simple, almost like a video game.

‘Apollo 13’ movie actors Tom Hanks, Bill Paxon, and Kevin Bacon simulating space flight

Apollo 13 launch. It looks too easy.

This time I focused on a scene in the movie when the astronauts were training in a flight simulator for several hours getting ready for the mission and they were celebrating another great training.  As they were leaving and congratulating themselves, the character played by Gary Sinise said, “we were good today, but we could have done it perfect.  Let’s do it all again.”  Without hesitation the men turned right around and got back into the simulator and began another three hour exercise.  In that moment I was struck by how complicated it really is to be an astronaut.  When we watch a launch of a space craft, or even an airplane for that matter, it looks easy because the launch is literally the culmination of thousands of hours of preparation.  Study, practice, training to perform at their best and make the impossible look easy.

New Jersey Chiropractor Dr. Jim Dubel performs a Thoracic spine adjustment to correct a vertebral subluxation

For some reason on this particular day I reflected on the same imagery when I was a teenager in my Chiropractor’s office.  It seemed so simple.  The actual adjustment only took a few minutes, and to be honest it felt good, but I could not believe that something so simple was supposed to have such  a profound effect on my well being.  I have realized that the body is capable of far more than we give it credit for when we remove the interference. I still marvel at how simple Chiropractic looks when done by a master, just like it looks so effortless when a football player throws the ball 45 yards and it lands perfectly in his teammates hands who is running full speed down the field. Truthfully, it takes a never ending amount of study to understand when, and how to adjust and not adjust a vertebra. It is supposed to look effortless when the appropriate amount of training and concentration has been achieved. Malcolm Gladwell in his best selling book ‘Outliers’ said it takes at least 10,000 hours of practice to become a master.  I have not done the math but I have to be close.  The funny thing is I feel like the more I know, the more I need to continue to work hard to perfect my craft.

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