The most significant but unknown concept in Chiropractic

Dorland’s Medical dictionary defines the role of the nervous system to “control and coordinate the function of every cell and tissue in the body”.  Whenever I ask someone the job of the nervous system they tell me about the brain and spinal cord “controlling” the functions of the body.  The part most people are clueless about and even many Chiropractors ignore is the concept of “Coordination”.

During our new practice member orientation I frequently use the example of an orchestra.  Each musician is an individual expert in their field, has practiced thousands of hours, purchased the top of the line equipment, has studied music theory, and warmed up for hours before every show.  Look at this picture and imagine for a moment the player in the first row on the left in the second chair (the lady with the curly blond hair), has her instrument out of tune, or she is having an “off” day, isn’t focused on the conductor.  How would the music sound? HORRIBLE!  Collectively tens of thousands of hours of practice, hard work, and endless financial resources are wasted.  The music is designed to be played one way, with PERFECT COORDINATION.  One person can drastically alter the performance of the entire group.


View of a professional orchestra.


The body is no different.  We are designed to work in unison with perfect coordination.  When you have a subluxation, there is interference to the mental impulse from the brain to body (and body to brain), you lose your ability to coordinate properly. Your performance in life suffers when there is not perfect coordination.  Concentration, reaction time, immunity, digestion, balance, memory, and just about every process in the body require coordination.

Butterfly landing on a hand and the nervous system detecting it.

Chiropractic serves to locate interference to the body’s communication  lines.  The Chiropractor is the only professional solely focused on the finding these interferences, correcting them, and keeping them corrected for a LIFE.

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