Why no appointments?

As a parent of two young children I have started to feel the crunch of a busier schedule and have watched my free time dwindle before my eyes.  I also have to admit that wife does more of the daily “running around” for our family, so when I recently had to shuttle my kids back and forth to make a few appointments all in the same day, I found myself getting stressed pretty fast.  Immediately it clicked how the people who regularly come to my office must feel.  I started thinking about the dozens of calls the office gets every month to reschedule for a child’s nap, late work meeting, traffic, and others.

Stressed out person who missed their Chiropractic appointment

I always try to focus on the most important things in life.  The most important thing about Chiropractic care is first and foremost that you ARE RECEIVNING Chiropractic care!  It should not be a stressful event to get your spine checked.  Since there is typically little if no wait in the office anyway, why not just ask people to get here, but not put an appointed time constraint on the visit.  Please note, that I am not saying you should come for Chiropractic care whenever you get around to it or feel like it.  Many folks especially in the beginning are following very specific care schedules to have their Subluxations checked and adjusted, but in my office there is no exact appointment needed.  It is my job to be here, and your job to get here….
See you this week…..Whenever!

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