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Recently I was attending a birthday party in New York for a friend, and I sat down at a table of twenty somethings.  Unfortunately I sat down right in the middle of a gripe session about all of their aches and pains now that they were “in the work force” full time.  Some were complaining about sitting in desks on computers all day, a couple others were complaining about long days on their feet, and a few others believed their job was the “worst” because of the amount of driving they do for their job.  Two people were not joining in to the griping: myself and another young lady who I know is under regular Chiropractic care.
Once it was discovered that I am a Chiropractor the vigor of the gripes increased quickly.  This happens a lot to Chiropractors when you chat with the general public because most folks have never even been exposed to the concepts of the body’s innate ability to heal and the importance of maintaining the nervous system and instead think Chiropractic is an intervention for aches and pains.  The other “noncomplainer” decided to put me on the spot and have me explain what I do.  This is always a fun challenge, but does force the Chiropractor to come up with something quippy to challenge the standard way people think about their body.  I chose to talk about teeth.

I asked everyone at the table to tell me the longest period of time they had ever gone without brushing their teeth.  Most people said a day or two was their max, and one young woman blurted out, “Probably three days”!  The table broke out in disgust and sneers toward her for her honesty.  Then I asked how many of them ever had their spine checked for Subluxations.  No one had except one person but this time there were no wrinkled faces.  We talked about the job of the nervous system and the great importance of keeping it clear.  The all noticed the hypocrisy of thinking it was disgusting to go three days without checking and cleaning their teeth but that they have all gone over twenty years without having their spine checked once.  In that context, it was no surprise that their bodies were not adapting to the stresses and demands of their new careers.  Hopefully some of them were smart enough to understand the logic of regular Chiropractic care.  Chiropractic continues to be one of the most important and logical stories of health that no one is ever told, often until it is too late.

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