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Chiropractic tattoo car driver

Chiropractic tattoo car driver


Drivers Wanted

Recently I had a conversation with a practice member who has been coming to Rhino Chiropractic for years, and was upset because a dear friend who she had been trying to refer to the office was about to undergo a very significant and risky surgical fusion to her neck.  The practice member was very sad for her friend’s poor predicament, as well as a few other emotions that were bubbling to the surface as we talked.

My response started out from a loving place, but by mid-sentence I thought I needed to add a bit of levity.  My response went something like this,”All you can do is love your friend, and be there for her for whatever she needs.  You also better keep getting adjusted because you are probably going to be her personal helper and driver to all of her medical appointments”.  We both had a good chuckle, but upon later reflection my remarks reflect not only the facts but also the reality for many of us.

We all have had to handle the frustration of trying to refer someone for Chiropractic care only to have them drag their feet and make excuses.  We proceed, having our great quality of life as they continue down a dead end path.  Here are the results of a seven year study done in May 2007 in the journal JMPT, those studied who selected Chiropractic as their first line healthcare option saw the following benefits:

60% less hospital admissions

59% less days in the hospital

62% less outpatient surgeries

85% less in pharmaceutical costs

As a close friend and mentor has often told me, we are our brother’s keeper, and when we know something that our someone else may not, we have a duty to them to share our experience. I would also add that we can only suggest, and we must separate ourselves from the outcome of our referral.  All we can do as a friend, family member, coworker, is share with them your best kept health secret and love them anyway.

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