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Drivers wanted in Philadelphia and beyond

  Drivers Wanted Recently I had a conversation with a practice member who has been coming to Rhino Chiropractic for years, and was upset because a dear friend who she had been trying to refer to the office was about

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Check your eggs

  A lot has to happen to get eggs from a chicken sitting on them to your kitchen. Nothing too crazy just shipping, handling and standard bumps and bruises along the way. Whoever designed those egg cartons was a genius.

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The most significant but unknown concept in Chiropractic

Dorland’s Medical dictionary defines the role of the nervous system to “control and coordinate the function of every cell and tissue in the body”.  Whenever I ask someone the job of the nervous system they tell me about the brain

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Do you take my insurance? – Rhino Chiropractic – Mt. Airy, Germantown, Chestnut Hill PA

This is one of the most common initial questions I we get on the telephone or when people hear that I am a Chiropractor.  You might be surprised to learn that almost everyone who comes to my office has health

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Phone: 215-844-4400

6809 Germantown Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19119-2112


Monday 8:30- 11:30am and 3-6:30pm
Tuesday 3-6:30pm
Wednesday 8:30-11:30am and 3-6:30pm
Thursday 8:30-11:30am and 3-6:30pm
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